The Neighborhood

As New York City’s most vibrant neighborhood, Williamsburg is the epicenter of Brooklyn’s creative culture.

The neighborhood’s mix of artistic energy and amenities have also made it the City’s most desirable place to live. 325 Kent is perfectly situated in a spot that comfortably balances the bustle of North Williamsburg with the charm and character of South Williamsburg. Still close to conveniences like Whole Foods, Apple and Equinox, the streets that surround 325 Kent retain the authenticity that originally drew people to this special place.

Domino Park
Domino Park

Two Trees has partnered with James Corner Field Operations, acclaimed architects of the High Line, to design Domino’s new waterfront park. Spanning a quarter mile from Grand Street to South 5th Street, this extraordinary open space will reconnect the neighborhood to its waterfront for the first time in a century. Integrating uniquely beautiful artifacts from the site’s industrial history with a full range of passive and active recreational programming, Domino’s new park is destined to become one of New York City’s premier attractions. It includes amenities for all ages and all demographics with features such as athletic fields, bocce courts, performance space, fountains, a dog run, an iconic playground and areas for relaxation and leisure.

Built to complement the new park, 325 Kent is a shining example of the spark that happens when a neighborhood comes together.

Attractions near 325 Kent

  1. Domino Park
  2. Domino Park / The Refinery
  3. William Sherridan Playground
  4. Grand Ferry Park
  1. Radegast Hall & Biergarten
  2. Post Office
  3. Baby's All Right
  4. Industria
  5. Lucky Dog
  6. The Woods
  7. Skinny Dennis
  8. Full Circle Bar
  9. Fresh Kills Bar
  10. Jackbar
  11. Larry Lawrence
  1. Freehold
  2. La Superior
  3. Devocion
  4. Aska
  5. Marlow & Sons
  6. Dumont Burger
  7. Maison Premiere
  8. Traif
  9. 12 Chairs Cafe
  10. Rabbithole
  11. Sunday in Brooklyn
  12. Wild Brooklyn
  13. Caracas Arepa Bar
  14. Bozu
  15. Extra Fancy
  16. Miss Favela
  17. About Glamour
  18. Mekelburgs
  19. Misi
  1. Whole Foods
  2. Foodtown
  3. Marlow & Daughters
  4. Apple Store
  5. MAST Brothers
  6. Idol Brooklyn
  7. Scosha
  8. Swords-Smith
  9. About Glamour
  10. Mekelburgs
  11. Dandy Wine
  1. Williamsburg Cinema
  2. Nitehawk Cinema
  3. Williamsburg Art & Historical Center
  4. Sideshow Gallery
  1. Equinox Williamsburg
  2. Brooklyn Cross Fit
  3. East River Pilates
  4. The Living Room
  5. Modo Yoga
  6. Loom Yoga
  7. Sky Ting Yoga